We help airline decision makers to unlock their potentials by providing them exceptional IT solutions for their operational, marketing and technical issues.

Your expectations

Discover new ways to save resources, maximize profits and reduce risk
Increase customer satisfaction and retention
Back your decisions with reliable data and valid analyses
Align your pricing strategy with your competition

Our solutions

For more than 20 years we have been helping airlines push the boundaries of strategic, marketing and tactical decision-making. During this time we have designed and implemented a range of solutions that solve your typical, yet complex, every-day challenges.

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What do we bring to you

State-of-the-art mathematics and computer science, at your service.


We share our expertise to help you reach your goals.


Starting with your specific challenge we devise a solution combining consulting and custom software development.

Let us do your “heavy-lifting”

From grounding your complex business decisions on solid science to automating strenuous, cost- intensive workflows – our solutions are tailored specifically to your needs, and we take care of implementation and continuous performance. So you can focus on more important challenges.